Kathy- Welcome, everyone! We are excited to have our first AMA on this channel.

  • Today, @derekyoo, Moonbeam Founder & @KayTeeElle, Moonbeam Marketing Director, will respond to questions about Moonriver & the Crowdloan.
  • This AMA will have 2 blocks. The first one will include pre-selected questions from the community, and for the second block, we will open the chat to receive questions from our telegram community.
  • First of all, Derek & Katie, the majority of the community already knows you. But, can you do a quick intro for our new members?

Derek- Sure thing. I’m Derek, CEO of PureStake — we…


  • On April 8, 2021 Energy Web announced the launch of the Crypto Climate Accord to decarbonize the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.
  • I have decided to write an article that gives information on the major parties who have joined the Accord, starting with those that were responsible for the launch, the first Signatories and a list of current Supporters who have joined.
  • I will update this article as new members join.

The Energy Web Foundation, Rocky Mountain Institute & The Alliance For Innovative Regulation Have Announced The Launch Of The Crypto Climate Accord

  • The Energy Web Foundation, Energy Web Co-Founder Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and the Alliance for Innovative Regulation (AIR) have announced the launch of the Crypto Climate Accord, a private sector-led…


  • Although there are many resources online for those new to the Energy Web community some still find it hard to find certain information about the project.
  • I have decided to create a single article with links to everything one would need to fully comprehend the project.

1, Main Website


2, Ecosystem Page


3, Validator Page


4, Energy Web Live


5, EWT/EWTB Token Bridge


6, All Medium Articles About Energy Web Written By HSV


7, Energy Web AMA Links Covered By HSV


8, EWT Wallet Options By HSV


9, Youtuber Content From Various…

Some Highlights From The Announcement

  • Energy Web and ENGIE Energy Access, one of the leading off-grid, Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) solar and mini-grid solutions providers in Africa announced a partnership to accelerate energy access in sub-Saharan Africa through a decentralized finance (DeFi) crowdfunding platform.
  • The DeFi application will be built on the open-source Energy Web tech stack and enable investors to provide microloans that support clean energy deployment.
  • ENGIE Energy Access integrates and unites ENGIE’s solar home system companies, Fenix International and ENGIE Mobisol, as well as its mini-grids provider, ENGIE PowerCorner, under one entity and one name.
  • “To date, ENGIE Energy Access has served over 1…

1, Firstly Pre-Register For The Moonriver Crowloan If You Have Not Done So Already

Go To The Following Link:


  • You should see the following page:


  • KILT Protocol founder and CEO Ingo Rübe along with Scytale Ventures founder Mark Cachia recently spoke about Gaming, Blockchain and Digital Identity at the XTZ ESPORTS & GAMES Summit in Dubai.
  • I have decided to translate the timestamped video below into a written format for those that prefer the content in writing.

Mark Cachia

  • Scytale Ventures supports early stage blockchain solutions.
  • KILT Protocol is one of the solutions that we support.
  • KILT is very interesting with a strong use case with Identity and Credentials, especially how that applies to gaming which I think is one of the most compelling…


  • Although there are tutorials already online I thought I would write an article with photos on how to set up a Kusama wallet using the Polkadot browser extension and the Polkadot.js website as there are still many people confused with the process.

1, First you need to download the Polkadot browser extension from the Chrome Web Store or another trusted source, see link below:

2, You will then see the following Polkadot logo in the top right of your web browser:


  • Acala is the all-in-one DeFi hub of Polkadot to help you stake, swap, borrow, lend, earn and more — all with micro gas fees.
  • Acala is an Ethereum-compatible platform for financial applications to use smart contracts or built-in protocols with out-of-the-box cross-chain capabilities and robust security.
  • The platform also offers a suite of financial applications including a trustless staking derivative (liquid DOT), a multi-collateralized stablecoin backed by cross-chain assets (aUSD) and an AMM DEX, all with micro gas fees that can be paid in any token.


  • Renewable bitcoin mining firm Gryphon Digital Mining has reinforced its ESG commitments to producing cryptocurrencies sustainably by signing onto the Crypto Climate Accord.
  • “We are proud to be one of the first signatories of the Crypto Climate Accord, and will work to help other companies in our burgeoning industry join us. This accord presents unique opportunities for collaboration toward a sustainable future, and we look forward to working alongside our industry colleagues to achieve a sustainable blockchain by 2040,” said Gryphon CEO Rob Chang.

Note The Mention Of The Green Hash Rate In This Tweet From The Crypto Climate Accord…

About Moonriver

  • The network’s Kusama deployment will be called Moonriver and have its own utility token also called Moonriver (MOVR).
  • Supply and other token economic behaviors on Moonriver will be the same as Moonbeam, but token distribution will be different in order to support the unique goals and attributes of the network.
  • Moonriver will serve as a “CanaryNet” for Moonbeam, but it will also be a community-led experiment where the community will decide the direction it takes.
  • Among other things, Moonriver will use a large parachain crowdloan to obtain its initial parachain slot on Kusama.
  • As the Moonriver network is still under…


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