Some Highlights From The Announcement

  • Energy Web announced a new initiative, funded by a €1 million grant from’s Impact Challenge program, to provide a digital framework for coordinating distributed energy resources (DERs) across the transmission and distribution market interface of Europe’s power grid.
  • Climate-KIC, the EU’s leading knowledge and innovation community focused on climate, helped to select winning grantees.
  • The initiative will leverage the open-source Energy Web stack to make it easy for prosumers and DERs to register and participate in local and regional energy markets.
  • Working with mobile network operators, IoT service providers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and grid operators across Europe, the…

Some Highlights From The Announcement

Who Are RECS International?

  • RECS International is a non-profit foundation representing electricity market players.
  • Working with members from Europe and worldwide, the company strive to create an open and transparent demand-driven renewable energy market, facilitated by commonly accepted and harmonized tracking systems.
  • At RECS International the company support the development of both existing and new EAC markets around the world, creating reliable markets for the procurement of renewable energy.
  • Having worked since 2001 to improve and simplify the system of tracked energy, RECS International has unmatched expertise in the issuance, trade and cancellation of renewable energy certificates, the process that allows consumers to claim…

Some Highlights From The Announcement

  • The Energy Web Foundation, Energy Web Co-Founder Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and the Alliance for Innovative Regulation (AIR) have announced the launch of the Crypto Climate Accord, a private sector-led initiative committed to making the cryptocurrency industry 100% renewable.
  • Inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement, the Accord brings together the crypto and financial technology (fintech) industry to build a sustainable future for global finance with support from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Climate Champions.
  • The Accord intends to work collaboratively within the cryptocurrency industry, including all blockchains to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2025 or…

Admin- The AMA will start in the next few minutes.

Christine- Hello.

Elisa- Hello.

Ingo- Hi.

Admin- Nice to meet you.

Ingo- Nice to meet you too.

Admin- Welcome to PolkaBridge community.

  • Before we start, can you introduce yourself briefly?

Ingo- Sure. Hi, I’m Ingo, founder of Kilt Protocol.

  • I’m a computer scientist, working in blockchain for a couple of years.

Christine- Hi — I’m VP of business development at KILT protocol, working on partnerships and ecosystem development. Just came from Polkadot and Web3 Foundation where I was CMO.

Elisa- Hi everyone, I am…

Some Highlights From The Announcement

  • The Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC) is pleased to announce that Energy Web Foundation (EWF) is joining the coalition as a new partner.
  • The collaboration fits well with the DBC’s ambition to create reliable, robust and socially accepted blockchain applications through partnerships between members.
  • Together with DBC partners, we will be working on vision development and use cases in the coming period.
  • Both organizations expect this collaboration to have a positive impact on current energy transition activities.
  • The energy transition is one of the most important social challenges facing governments, company’s and citizens. Researchers are also working on this topic.
  • Walter…


  • Although I have written a general Medium article on KILT Protocol which included a section on Polimec I have decided to write a separate article solely dedicated to Polimec and how it will benefit the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Note there may be some overlap of information between the two Medium articles.


  • Polkadot is on its way to become the basis for a new crypto economy as it solves many of the problems older major blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum struggle with.
  • However, Polkadot’s success depends on a strong, healthy and lively ecosystem to gain significance. To help foster building out the…


  • In 2017, 3Degrees merged with Origin Climate, a prime mover in carbon project development and trusted consultant for corporate renewable energy strategy and procurement whose shared B Corp certification and aligned values presented the ideal partnership and opportunity to achieve greater impact with their clients.
  • In December 2018, 3Degrees announced that it had become an Affiliate of the Energy Web Foundation.
  • With this commitment, 3Degrees joined more than 90 other leading company’s as Affiliates of EWF and had access to strategic R&D investment in blockchain technology in the energy sector.
  • “We have been studying blockchain closely over the past year…

Kilt Protocol & Their Connection To GAIA-X

  • BOTLabs GmbH is the company behind KILT Protocol.
  • It was founded by Ingo Rübe and the German publishing house Hubert Burda Media in Berlin, January 2018.
  • On 18th November 2020, BOTlabs was a day 1 member of the GAIA-X Summit being a part of the identity work group, see link below to the 2020 Summit:

See Tweet Below On 19 November, 2020 By KILT Protocol:

Europe Has A Plan To Break Google & Amazon’s Cloud Dominance

  • This Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) market of which Amazon makes up 48 per cent is worth $42.8 billion (£32.7 billion). It’s dominated by five companies, four American (IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon) and one…

Some Highlights From The Announcement

  • Bebat, the Belgian battery compliance scheme; Fluvius, the electricity and natural gas distribution system operator (DSO) for the Flemish Region of Belgium; and Energy Web jointly announced an open-source solution for decentralized lifecycle battery asset management, called EasyBat.
  • Since 2006, the EU’s Battery Directive has required member countries to institute takeback schemes to ensure environmentally responsible recycling and/or disposal of post-consumer batteries. To date, lifecycle asset management for batteries has been cumbersome at best. Before EasyBat, tracking battery assets was essentially non-existent. …


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