Energy Web Wallet Options To Store Those Precious EWT

Since investing in this project there has been some concern over how to store your Energy Web Tokens, currently there are Five options which I will discuss below.

Note- Option 3 Is The Preferred Method If You Have A Nano Ledger & Want To Use The Same ERC20 Address Where You Store Other Tokens

If You Have Any Issues I Suggest Trying The Following Before Contacting One Of Us In Telegram

  • When you log into Ledger Live to Install the EWT App make sure you are running the current version of Ledger Live and there are not updates pending.
  • Ensure you have the up to date firmware version installed on your Ledger.
  • In Ledger Live uninstall the Ethereum App and then reinstall it again onto your Ledger.
  • If you can not find the EWT App in Ledger live instead of typing ‘EWT’ actually start typing the words ‘Energy Web Token’. For me personally EWT did not show up unless I started typing Energy etc.
  • Try a different web browser and clear cookies etc.
  • Turn of Virus protection on your PC to see if that helps.


  • Ensure you have “Contract Data Turned On” in your ledger (to do this you need to log into the ETH App and then go to settings, then make sure it says ‘contract data allowed’). If you do not do the following or have ‘contract data allowed’ you will get the following error, see photo below.

Many People Have Messaged Me Saying They Have Followed The Instructions For Option 3 Using MyCrypto & A Nano Ledger & Still Can Not See Their Normal ERC20 Address They Store Their Other Tokens In, Assuming You Want To Use The Same Address As Your ERC20 Tokens Which I Do Personally.

The problem with regards to the above is that if you setup your Nano Ledger via Ledger Live you have done so via ETH Derivative Path (m/44' /60' /0' /0), however if you did not set up your ledger via Ledger Live you will have done so via a different ETH Derivative Path which is (m/44' /60' /0' ), please see both photos below.

You just need to select the correct Derivative Path you used after logging into MyCrypto, the Ledger Live Path is about half way up when you scroll and the other Path is right at the top.

Ledger Live Derivative Path

Derivative Path If Did Not Use Ledger Live

As you can see from above photos the addresses are different, so you really have to try and remember how you set up your Nano Ledger, was it via Ledger Live or just the normal way and then started using MEW or MyCrypto etc?.

I will Also Post A Link Below To A Reddit Post About This

Also Note That Once You Have Set Everything Up You Will Not Be Able To See Your EWT In Ledger Live As The EW Network Settings Have Not Been Added And This Is Not An Option Currently Unless They Change That Option In The Future

Having Issues logging Into MyCrypto From Your Chrome Browser & Getting The Following Error Message? (See Photo Below)

The Way To Fix This Is To Set Up A New Profile Within The Chrome Browser

  • Add a person or profile.
  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click Profile.
  • Click Add.
  • Choose a name and a photo.
  • Click Add.
  • A new window will open and ask you to turn on sync, (Optional).
  • Turn sync on in Chrome with a Google Account for the new profile.

If None Of The Above Steps Help You Can PM @HSVGTS Or An Admin In The Official Telegram Group & We Will Try & Find The Solution To Your Problem With You

Please See Below A Video That Coebar Was Kind Enough To Do On How To Setup Ledger Nano To Send & Receive EWT With MyCrypto

Important- In this video Coebar has chosen to use an address from the (Default EWC) derivative path, this is not the same as if you want to use your same ERC20 address.

If you want to use your ERC20 address please follow option 3 below and choose the correct ETH derivative path.

Please See Below Video That Coebar Was Also Kind Enough To Do With Regards To Storing EWT Using MetaMask Without A Hardware Wallet

1, Connecting Via Remote RPC & MetaMask

Note- Once You Have Followed The Steps Below For MetaMask The Actual Address Within MetaMask Will Be The Same Whether You Are On The ETH Network Or The EW Network, You Can Just Toggle Back And Forwards Between The Two Networks As You Like But The Address Does Not Change.

  • With this option you can either use an existing MetaMask account or create a new one and ensure you keep your seed words safe and remember your password.
  • If you do not have MetaMask installed its just a matter of installing the browser extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Connect to EnergyWeb’s remote RPC by adding a custom node to MetaMask. Go to Networks and click on “Custom RPC.
  • Now go to Network and click on Add Network.
  • Now you can add EnergyWeb RPC or something similar as the name, as the RPC URL, enter the chainID of the Energy Web Chain: “246”, as a Symbol put “EWT”. Also add the URL of the Energy Web Chain blockexplorer: Now click on save to connect.
  • Your MetaMask should be connected to the Energy Web Chain now.
  • You can now send and receive EWT as you like from your MetaMask account.

2, Storing Tokens On An Exchange

  • Obviously many people decide to just leave their tokens on the exchange which I strongly suggest not to do unless you are trading daily, we have all heard about the exchange hacks and exchanges going broke etc.
  • If your tokens are on the exchange you do not have control of them as you do not own the private keys, obviously this is different to the other option listed above or if using a hardware wallet where you are in complete control of your tokens.

3, Storing Tokens On A Nano Ledger Using MyCrypto

  • You can 100% store your EWT on the same Ethereum address where you keep ETH or any other ERC20 tokens, you are just gaining access to the EWT via a different network.
  • However if you have been using Ledger Live instead of MEW or MyCrypto the address will not be the same as you are using a separate ETH Derivative Path, see instructions at the beginning of this article.

Important- Never Send Your Tokens To An ERC2O Mobile Wallet Or Your Tokens Will Be Lost

  • First log into the ledger live app, if you do not have it installed you can find it by clicking on the below link, personally I only use this on my computer. (Note you will need to confirm on your ledger to allow access to Ledger Live).
  • Make sure you have not hit the ETH or BTC App on your ledger or anything else installed before you do this step.
  • Then click on Manager.
  • You now have the option to install Apps onto your ledger, search for the Energy Web Chain.
  • Then proceed to install the Energy Web Chain App by clicking on install.
  • Now proceed to the MyCrypto Webpage, see below link.
  • You now need to select the EWC network in the top right corner, as default it will be set to Ethereum, see below photo:
  • Now click on the blue down tab and then click on ‘show other networks’, see below photo:
  • Then scroll down until you see EWC, click on the circle to change networks, see below photo:
  • You will now see in the top right corner you are connected to ENERGYWEB.ORG, see below photo:
  • Ensure you enable the Energy Web Chain App on your ledger.
  • Now click on the Ledger tab on the MyCrypto website, see below.
  • Now click on ‘connect to ledger wallet’, see below.
  • At the top of the page you will see Addresses and the derivative path selected in the box (note EWC will show up as default), you can choose to use an address on the default EWC derivative path or follow the below steps if want to use same ERC20 address you store other tokens in.
  • You now need to change this default setting to Ledger (ETH) if you want to store your EWT on an address on your ledger, just scroll right up to the top, see below.
  • You will now be able to see your addresses on your ledger just like you would using the standard MyCrypto or MEW for ETH or ERC20 tokens.
  • Select the desired address on your ledger you want to send your EWT to, see below. (Note I have not included my address in the photo).
  • I did the above procedure and sent a little EWT from MetaMask to the address I wanted to use on my ledger and it arrived perfectly.
  • I then was able to send EWT out of my ledger address and had to confirm on my ledger just like I would if was sending an ERC20 token.

4, Using A Token Bridge TO Convert Native Token To The Ethereum Blockchain

This token bridge is only in Beta stage at the moment and comes with the following warnings, obviously I will not be attempting this method unless say an exchange in the future supports the swap.

  • We’re launching our Token Bridge and our UI App on a beta-testing basis.
  • While we’ve worked long and hard to develop the core features of the software we expect that our users may detect bugs and other issues. Help us improve by posting any difficulties to our support page.
  • Use of this app and the Token Bridge is at your own risk.
  • Users may experience unexpected delays, unexpected visual artifacts, unexpected loss of tokens or funds from improper app configuration or other negative outcomes.
  • By hitting the “continue” button you are representing that you have read our Terms of Service in full and that you agree to be legally bound by them.

Note- Once You Have Swapped Your Native EWT To EWTB You Can Then Store Those Tokens In MEW Along With All Your Other ERC20 Tokens.

See Video Below Coebar Was Nice Enough To Make With Regards To Using The Token bridge:

5, Using My Ethereum Wallet (MEW) To Access Your EWT

  • This procedure is very similar to option 1 using MetaMask as you need to manually add the network settings for Energy Web.
  • I have not used MEW as I much prefer MyCrypto, especially since the network settings are already added.
  • If you wish to use MEW just create a new network and use the same settings for using MetaMask in option 1, however the option to add a new network in MEW may have now been removed.

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