Polimec, Polkadot’s Liquidity Mechanism Brought To The Ecosystem By KILT Protocol



How Do Polimec & KILT Hang Together?

How Does Polimec Work?

Polimec Has Five Roles:

Why Use Polimec Instead Of ERC20?

What benefit can Polimec bring to the Polkadot Ecosystem?

Transfer System

Token Flow & Accounts Used

Registering A New Pre-Currency

Coin Distribution Of Pre-Currency In Polimec

Claiming Pre-Sold Coins

Issuing Pre-Currency For A Sales Round

Transferring Pre-Currency

Migrating Balances To The Live Chain

Credentialing Layer With The KILT Blockchain

Smart Contract System

Polimec Wallet

Incentivisation & Governance

Security Derived From Polkadot


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