PolkaBridge Community AMA With KILT Protocol

Admin- The AMA will start in the next few minutes.

Christine- Hello.

Elisa- Hello.

Ingo- Hi.

Admin- Nice to meet you.

Ingo- Nice to meet you too.

Admin- Welcome to PolkaBridge community.

  • Before we start, can you introduce yourself briefly?

Ingo- Sure. Hi, I’m Ingo, founder of Kilt Protocol.

  • I’m a computer scientist, working in blockchain for a couple of years.

Christine- Hi — I’m VP of business development at KILT protocol, working on partnerships and ecosystem development. Just came from Polkadot and Web3 Foundation where I was CMO.

Elisa- Hi everyone, I am Elisa and I work as communications and public relations manager at KILT Protocol.

Christine- Paul will be joining us in a bit — he is our new Community Manager.

Paul- Hi I’m Paul, Community Manager working on developer, collators and general community engagements.

Admin- Yeah, who can tell us something about KILT pls?

Ingo- That would be me.

  • I founded KILT in early 2018. KILT Protocol takes care of digital Identities.
  • KILT Blockchain is part of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Admin- Very interesting.

  • Ingo and Christine are excellent entrepreneurs.
  • What are the highlights of KILT’s technology and products that you believe will help you succeed?

Ingo- KILT is an infrastructure project. That means, we build the technology and not the products. Building the products is up to the community.

  • Our task is to supply easy-to-use technological infrastructure. I think the KILT SDK is most important here. It allows developers to very quickly develop cool products and services on top of KILT.

Admin- Sounds good.

  • So users on your target are developers right?
  • It means KILT is layer -1 blockchain like Ethereum and a developer can build a product on it?

Ingo- Not exactly like Ethereum. On Ethereum you develop code which runs on the blockchain.

  • In KILT you develop code in the SDK, which uses the blockchain. But you are right, we address dev’s and entrepreneurs.
  • Still we are layer 1.

Admin- I like it.

  • Dev’s can use SDK to build products on many blockchains or not sir?

Ingo- The KILT SDK connects to the KILT blockchain. It makes the blockchain accessible also for dev’s which don’t speak rust for example.

  • This way normal JavaScript dev’s can start utilizing blockchain technology, which they mostly could not before.

Admin- Yeah understood, thankyou.

  • Ok, are you ready for the next question?

Ingo- Sure.

Admin- Can you introduce the KILT ecosystem? What services / infrastructure does the KILT ecosystem include and what the project is headed for?

Ingo- KILT basically includes the KILT Blockchain, the KILT Protocol and the KILT SDK.

  • All services around that, like cloud storage, directory services, wallets and such things are great opportunities for the community to build. Think of Bitcoin, it’s just there and the ecosystem evolved around it, giving people opportunity to make business.
  • Which projects are we heading for? We deliberately do not define this. It currently looks like many Polkadot ecosystem projects want to make use of KILT and obviously DeFi and NFT projects think about using KILT.
  • But we are also happy about “real world” usage of the KILT system. It shows us that industry is in desperate need of digital identity and it is a good chance to bridge between the blockchain ecosystem and the “old” world.

Admin- What a detailed answer.

Ingo- Thankyou.

Admin- So you will not develop an ecosystem yourself but let other dev’s do that, right?

  • I think that’s a good idea.

Ingo- Well, of course we support. But we leave the business to the people.

  • That gives everyone a fair chance to grow.

Admin- Nice.

  • I’m a blockchain developer too.
  • Can you let me know more about KILT’s SDK? What do they include?
  • Does it do anything like Truffle, Web3 JS?

Ingo- That’s great! please visit https://dev.kilt.io and find all information about the SDK.

  • If you get stuck or have questions, just ping one of us and we will direct you into the riot channels where you can find the dev’s.

Christine- You can also ask questions here:

Admin- That’s good to create a group for dev’s.

  • I think that is enough for this question.
  • Let’s move to the next one.
  • How is KILT development going?
  • Can you describe current development status, market expansion plans and expected applications?

Ingo- KILT is basically ready to launch. As soon as Parachain auctions on Kusama will happen, we will bid for a slot. We hope to win an early one. When we secure the slot, we will go live within weeks.

  • Market expansion we do through our integrators programme. KILT can be used in so many verticals, that it would be stupid to concentrate for example on the energy sector or on DeFi. There are experts for that, who have the best possible connections to the relevant projects.
  • We ask these people to become integrators, use the KILT infrastructure, deliver great software to their customers and make money in that.
  • Of course we never take any fees or anything from the integrators. We want them to be as successful as possible.
  • This architecture is quite common in successful open source projects. I just wonder why it is not used in blockchain very often.

Admin- But can you tell me why did you choose Kusama instead of Polkadot?

Ingo- Well, first of all we want the “go to market” as quick as possible and Kusama is always before Polkadot.

  • Then we also feel, all the projects which are relevant to us for collaboration also go Kusama first.
  • Thirdly, it’s basically the same code as Polkadot, so why not?

Admin- Good answer.

  • What is the mission of KILT in the competitive market of cryptocurrencies?
  • What marketing strategies are you willing to use to achieve greater adoption?

Ingo- As I said, we use an integrators concept to gain adoption. Of course this is technology adoption and not crypto currency adoption. We basically believe in delivering good technology. Everything else then evolves automatically.

Admin- Yeah, KILT addresses to technology, not cryptocurrency.

  • Ok let me ask you the next one pls.

Ingo- Ok.

Admin- KILT is to develop a trust market using verifiable certificates and data sovereignty. Can you explain it to us?

Ingo- Sure. In the real world we have trusted entities. This can be companies, governments, universities, trustworthy people. These entities issue certificates, like contracts, passports and university diplomas.

  • These certificates are normally self sovereign. That means you own them.
  • You chose when to show them, to whom and for which purpose.
  • For example you show your university diploma to a potential new employer. If the employer trusts the university she will assume that you have certain skills and might employ you. The interesting part is, there is no direct communication between the university and the employer. The trust is conveyed by the certificate.
  • In the current internet it is very difficult for trusted entities to convey trust.
  • KILT basically brings the system of credentials into the digital world, enabling trusted entities to digitize their business.

Admin- Alright, everything KILT does is so basic but necessary.

Ingo- Exactly.

Admin- Can you let me know how to store data and is it secure like employer data?

Ingo- The blockchain does not store personal data. That would be against GDPR and not a good idea.

  • KILT only stores hashes of credentials on the blockchain. Attesters store these when issuing the credential to the user.
  • When the user later shows the credential to a verifier, the verifier can build the hash and check on the blockchain if the credential was issued by the correct entity and if it is still valid.

Admin- Nice, understand it.

  • We should move to the next question.
  • Next question is about NFT.
  • NFT is a very hot trend now, do you pretend to catch up with this trend or still follow and focus on your original roadmap? create values, not create Trend?

Ingo- We definitely stick to our roadmap. We see many applications of KILT in the NFT world and we look forward to developers building on KILT to create NFTs and build NFT marketplaces. We are an infrastructure and we benefit from all these trends.

Admin- Yes right.

  • The KILT Protocol is the infrastructure for NFT DApps to grow.
  • Let us move to the next question.
  • KILT Protocol and Finoa announced the collaboration for a custody solution for Parity Substrate.
  • Can you tell us more about it and why KILT is so important in this solution?

Ingo- It is more that Finoa’s solution is important for us. Finoa built a system together with us which allows them to offer custody solutions to their clients for all Substrate-based cryptocurrencies.

Admin- I think people always notice the collaboration.

Ingo- We built it for KILT, but as KILT Coins are not live yet, Finoa already uses the solution for KSM and DOT. Once KILT is live, Finoa’s customers will also be able to store their KILT Coins there.

Admin- Understood.

  • So the last question, also about collaboration.
  • KILT partners with PolkaBridge. What is the purpose of this Partnership?
  • What are the benefits of this collaboration for both projects?

Ingo- We were happy to collaborate with PolkaBridge and ChinaPolka for this AMA, to help build awareness of KILT Protocol with their communities.

Admin- Thanks for that.

Christine- Also a shout-out to ChinaPolka.

Admin- PolkaBridge will be also migrated to Polkadot in Q2 — Q3.

  • Ok part 1 is finished.
  • So we will move to part 2 right now.
  • In part 2, open chat for 100 seconds. Users can post max 3 questions. KILT Team will select 10 questions and answer them.
  • Please don’t ask questions relative to KILT token.
  • All questions relative to KILT token will be deleted and will not qualify for reward.
  • So let’s go.
  • Now we will wait for answers from the KILT team.

Christine- Great! Here they come…

Ingo- Ok. lets start. I will repeat the question, ok?

Question 1- What inspired how you arrived at the project name “KILT”?

  • In real sense, what significance does the name have in the project functioning and ecosystem development?

Ingo- KILT is a Scottish garment. The pattern on the KILT identifies your clan, but it does not disclose all of your identity. It does selective disclosure. KILT credentials do that, too.

Question 2- As Education for cryptocurrency is necessary nowadays, what’s your plan to attract those people who don’t know about cryptocurrency?

  • What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of your project in the near future?
  • While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Ingo- We don’t really see it as our task to educate people about cryptocurrencies.

  • We educate about privacy, identity and such things.
  • We are backed by industry and are pretty confident that we will survive.
  • We always listen to community and users of our system. This is the only way to improve.

Question 3- You organized a very profitable AMA meeting and received KILT questions related to utilities and technology- looking forward to the future.

  • Now I want to ask what do KILT want from the public?

Ingo- Great question! KILT is an offer to the public. Just like HTTP was one many years ago.

  • We need dev’s to build cool stuff on it, we need entrepreneurs building profitable business on it and we need users being aware of how digital identity is handled in the internet today and that this needs to change.

Question 4- The transaction speed is an issue for blockchains besides scalability. Does KILT provide a solution for transaction speed?

Ingo- The first part of the answer is Polkadot. Polkadot allows multiple blockchains to independently run in parallel. Every single blockchain has a special purpose.

  • They do not compete for resources, like on Ethereum. KILT is single purpose, it only does credentials and DIDs. This scales it already.
  • Second part: Substrate based blockchains have a gigantic throughput, compared to older technologies.

Question 5- A lot of people will want to know what the strength of your project is but I want to know the weaknesses and problems faced?

  • How do you plan to solve it?

Ingo- That’s a great one! I think the biggest problem we have is the laziness of people.

  • We are part of the Web3 movement. So we try to move the world from Web2 to Web3, while Web2 is very convenient and people just don’t seem to care what happens to their data. Raising awareness here is the biggest challenge we have.

Admin- Already selected 5 questions.

Question 6- What role do you think KILT plays in increasing the adaptability of the blockchain on the global stage?

  • How does KILT solve Interoperability problem?
  • With which blockchains is KILT interoperable?

Ingo- With the SDK we try to attract dev’s which are not blockchain native.

  • This will lead to more solutions and eventually to more adoption.
  • KILT is interoperable with all parachains, which you will find on the Kusama and Polkadot Networks.
  • As these networks will have bridges to basically every other technology, it will sooner or later be interoperable with everything.

Question 7- As personal data is very important, how will you provide total security?

Ingo- No one can provide total security. KILT makes sure that you own your personal data and without you signing a credential it will never be recognized as yours.

  • That is much better than storing your credentials with a GAFA player and have them decide what your data is used for. But still, if you post your backup phrase on telegram, someone might impersonate you.

Question 8- Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good?

  • Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Ingo- Yes we do have regional and local community initiatives planned for the coming months.

Question 9- What is your top priorities in 2021?

  • Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?
  • Which part of the project are you most focused on right now?

Christine- Please see our roadmap for upcoming milestones:

Question 10- Can you briefly describe what is KILT in 3–5 sentences?

  • What is your Mission for KILT?

Ingo- KILT is a blockchain based protocol for self sovereign identity. It uses Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers to build such identities.

  • On top of that KILT makes these Credentials revocable through the use of a blockchain as a neutral entity and supports selective disclosure.
  • Our mission is to provide a digital identity layer for blockchain projects, industry and even governments.

Admin- Already selected 10 questions.

  • You can answer more but they will not get the rewards.

Christine- Ok, we will answer a few more.

Question 11- KILT is obviously very beneficial to us crypto users. However, how do you plan for KILT to be useful and beneficial to the majority non-crypto people?

Christine- Everyone has an identity (machines too!) We think the applications and use-cases for KILT are endless.

Question 12- Please explain in more detail about KILT, what is the background of this project and when was it established?

Christine- https://www.kilt.io/learn/about-us/.

Question 13- What are your plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand KILT Protocol and its technology?

Christine- More AMAs like this one.

Question 14- How did you build an ecosystem of users, partners and content creators, bringing best-in-class digital services to emerging markets?

Christine- Slowly and carefully.

  • We have a great team that crosses multiple industries, and some of us have been working in the Polkadot ecosystem for a number of years, so we can tap this network as well.
  • We also have a great, fun brand in “KILT” and look forward to the content our community will create to support our mission and spread the word.
  • There is nothing more personal or universal than identity, so we hope our community will grow with us, and extend well beyond the cryptoverse.

Admin- Thank you @ingoruebe @christinemohan58 @paulpomerleau @kilt_elisa for the AMA today.

  • I know there are many questions but time is limited, so only so many questions can be answered.

Elisa- Thanks for having us, if you have any more questions, want to learn more about KILT or just like to follow the project:

Ingo- Thanks for having us.

Admin- Thanks all.

  • Many people are interested in your project.

Christine- Thanks everyone! Great questions.

Admin- We are very happy for your presence at PolkaBridge and we hope that PolkaBridge and KILT will have a good partnership in the future, support together to growth faster.

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