Tesla & Some Further Interesting Indirect Connections To The Energy Web Foundation

Disclaimer- I am in no way saying Tesla have a partnership with The Energy Web Foundation, from previous articles I have written it is obvious Tesla are partners with several companies that The Energy Web Foundation are also a partner with.

This does not mean Tesla are directly working with The Energy Web Foundation. These articles I have written with regards to Tesla and their indirect connection via partners of EW is more about educating people on the scope of what The Energy Web Foundation are doing and on what scale and who with.

Tesla Turn On the World Largest Lithium-Ion Battery In South Australia, Australia

How It All Started

  • In a series of tweets, Tesla CEO and Product Architect Elon Musk offered to build South Australia the most powerful battery ever made in just 100 days.
  • The offer came after SA experienced one of the worst storms in recent years which brought down power lines and other integral infrastructure resulting in a state wide blackout.
  • When asked if the offer was serious or merely a publicity stunt, Musk tweeted, “Tesla will get the system installed and working 100 days from contract signature or it is free. That serious enough for you?”.
  • Weeks later, Musk touched down in South Australia to announce the joint project to the world.
  • In its first test run the battery pumped 59MWh of power into South Australia’s grid in order to meet peak demand.

About The System

  • 20 Tesla Powerpacks comprise the 100MW mega battery system which can provide up to 129MWh of energy.
  • Powered by French energy firm Neoen’s Hornsdale wind farm (which is located about 200 kilometres north of Adelaide), the 100MW battery system stores enough energy to provide power to 30,000 homes for eight hours or 60,000 homes for four hours.
  • A huge success for South Australia, Tesla’s 100MW battery will effectively reduce intermittency issues and help manage the increased demand during summer peak loading periods.
  • “The South Australian government should be congratulated for ensuring their energy supply is not only sustainable, but will help solve power shortages, reduce variability and manage summertime peak load,” a Tesla spokesman said.

About Telsa Powerpacks

  • Manufacturing integrated battery systems in cars for over 10 years, Tesla has put the same degree of expertise, quality control and technological innovation into developing high-performance batteries for the grid.
  • Each Powerpack stores 500kWh worth of electricity and can be stacked to provide 10,000kWh (10MWh) of energy storage, just like the South Australian installation.

Powerpack supports a host of applications that offer businesses greater control, efficiency and reliability, including:

  • Peak shaving
    Discharge at times of peak demand to avoid high charges.
  • Load shifting
    Shift energy consumption to avoid paying high energy prices.
  • Emergency Backup
    Provide intermediate backup power to your business in the event of a power outage.
  • Demand Response
    Discharge your battery instantly to alleviate peaks in system load.

The most sophisticated battery in the world, each Powerpack is a DC energy storage device containing 16 individual battery pods, a thermal control system and hundreds of sensors that monitor and report on cell level performance.

As a Tesla Approved Reseller, Infinite Energy installed the first Powerwall in Western Australia in 2016 and can help your business take advantage of the same exciting technology behind the world’s largest lithium-ion battery.

French energy giant Neoen has announced plans to expand the capacity of the huge Tesla battery installed at the Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia by 50 per cent

Some Known Facts

1, Energy Web Foundation & (D3A) Connection

2, Ewald Hesse, Co-founder & CEO of Singularity Tweet With Regards To Tesla & D3A Connection

3, Ewald Hesse Is Chair Of The Energy Web Foundation

4, D3A Is Running On EW Chain

  • We are also building the Decentralized Autonomous Area Agent (http://energyweb.org/D3A) (D3A), which gets even more directly to the heart of how we manage and operate a heavily decentralized grid.
  • The D3A is a transactive energy market design platform operating on top of the Energy Web chain.
  • It offers a framework that pushes the bounds of what is possible, running the electricity market in an entirely different way.
  • Rather than take the legacy centralized system and try to extend its reach ever deeper into customers and devices at the grid edge, it flips electricity grid balancing on its head.
  • The D3A balances the grid from the edge up, not the top down.
  • While Grid Singularity has significantly contributed to EWF development and the launch of the Energy Web Chain, its role today is supervisory and advisory, with two Grid Singularity representatives serving on the EWF’s Foundation Council. The Energy Web Chain is the blockchain of choice for D3A’s future blockchain implementation.

5, D3A Functionality


6, Tweet From Grid Singularity (Reference D3A &Tesla)

7, Francesco Guzzi, Graduate Of InnoEnergy Master’s School, Shares His Experience Landing The Job Of His Dreams At TESLA

8, Simone Accornero Shares His Experience From EIT InnoEnergy MSc Energy In Smart Cities To Co-Founder Of FlexiDAO, One Of The Leaders In Applying Blockchain In The Energy Sector

  • Obviously it can be seen that Francesco Guzzi and Simone Accornero are on the same website and studied together and after more research I discovered they are linked together on Linkedin.

As many will know FlexiDAO are a Validator on the EW Chain, see below between 3 and 6 oclock position:

9, Tesla Applies For License To Become UK Electricity Provider

Note The Following From Above Article:

  • The purpose of the license from the energy regulator may be to introduce the company’s Autobidder platform, the report said, citing a company source.
  • The application did not make clear why Tesla has applied for the license, The Telegraph reported.
  • Autobidder is a platform for automated energy trading and is currently being operated at Tesla’s Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia.
Australia’s Hornsdale Power Reserve

10, Tesla Autobidder Platform

11, Tweet By Holger Schneidewindt, Founder, Energy Democracy (Note Who He Has Tagged In Tweet)

  • Holger Schneidewindt is an energy lawyer and policy advisor.
  • He has a decade of experience in energy policy with particular interest and expertise in prosumer subjects, especially related to alternative and renewable energies.
  • As consultant for a German energy consumer NGO, he worked on the “Birth and Rise of Prosumers” along Germany’s pioneering energy transition.

12, Tesla Virtual Power Plant

13, How Blockchain Can Manage The Future Electricity Grid (Some Interesting Names Mentioned In Article)


  • Only time will tell if all these indirect connections between Tesla and The Energy Web Foundation in this article and previous articles written materialize into something further.
  • This article is not about speculation but known facts that are out there in the public who can be seen by anyone.

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